Why You Should Meditate Often

Many people yearn for a perfectly healthy mind and body in order to function well in society. You have to consider that you need to have a healthy mind and body in order to work at your maximum potential. Besides, living in today’s society where there are a lot of competitions for jobs you have to show your boss that you are the person for it by showing your boss your maximum potential.

You also need to consider that physical strength and physical abilities isn’t only the way to be successful in modern society. You also need to have the brains for it. Even if you are a college graduate, you have to consider that there are people more intelligent and have more potential than you. So, it is also important that you should get your brain to reach its maximum potential.

So, how can you increase your physical abilities as well as your mental ability? The answer to this is quite simple. With meditation, you will be able to reach your mental and physical abilities in no time at all. You have to consider that the human body is not like a computer where it doesn’t need to rest at all. Your body as well as your brain has limited endurance. With meditation, you will be able to maximize your body and brain’s potential by increasing its endurance.

However, physical and mental isn’t the only benefits that meditation can give you. It can also provide spiritual benefit. Although this benefit is unlikely to be believed by many people, you have to consider that meditation can indeed have spiritual benefits. First of all, the body’s spirit is considered to be an important part of mental and physical well-being. By having a healthy spirituality, you will automatically have a healthy mind and body.

When you meditate properly, you will feel an uplifting experience. This is actually your spirituality that you are feeling. By feeling this uplifting experience, your spirit is actually being healed. Therefore, it will also heal your body and mind. It empties out the negative energy that you feel in your hectic lifestyle and it also gets your body and mind working efficiently. Think of it as a reset button after your computer hangs.

Once in a while, you will experience your body and mind “hanging” by having that feeling of tiredness and that feeling of cluttered mind. Through meditation you actually “reset” your mind, body and spirit to get it to work efficiently again. For example, if you have a lot of work to do, your mind will experience being out of concentration. Through meditation, you will be able to let your mind go back on track and let you concentrate on your work again.

Everybody can practice meditation. With it, you will be able to remove fear, anger, and stress and replace it with a feeling of intense calm. For example, if you are stressed out, you will feel moody and will get angry and frustrated. By meditating, you will be able to remove all these negative energies and turn it into positive and productive ones.

As you can see, meditation can provide you with a lot of benefits. Through meditation, you will be able to repair your spirituality and let you turn all those negative energies into positive ones. So, instead of getting frustrated or angry, try meditating. It will save these energies and turn it into productive ones.

Author:   Wendy Betterini

How to be a lucky person

Life is a colorful garden of experiences. There are flowers to brighten and enliven your world, but there are also thorns that you must watch for. While you may enjoy the beauty and the scents of these flowers in the garden, the thorns are always lying beneath and waiting for the chance to lay their hands on you. As you walk in the garden, wouldn’t it be so much nicer if you only have the flowers without the thorns? If you can have all the beautiful things without the ugly stuff that life has to offer? Maybe you need some more luck!

The word “luck” typically rings a positive bell. If there is one thing that each person needs in his daily encounter with the world, then there is nothing better than that thing to be luck. A lucky person is a happy person, and who does not want to be happy? So surely, to be happy, you will want to know how to be lucky.

Luck is typically equated to chance, destiny, and fate. These concepts usually refer to things, wonderful happenings and events, which are out of a person’s control. On the contrary, there is also an opposite concept to being lucky, that of being unlucky, which also denotes events out of a person’s grasp, but refer to negative occurrences. Being lucky and being unlucky are but typical, but there are certain techniques to maximize your luck and say goodbye to misfortune.

Actually, you can have luck in your palm. You can actually have it under your control. You can charm it to come to you! There are three simple things that you can try. The first thing is to believe that luck is within your grasp and that good fate is at your side. Each time that you wake up in the morning, welcome luck into your life! Everything must come from within you. You are the primary agent who can give life to luck. If you believe you are lucky, then you most probably are.

The second secret to being lucky is to tune your perspective. The roses and the thorns in the garden of life are but basic ingredients to living. You cannot have the one without the other. They are part of one body, and so are joy and sorrow twins. Life may not always be good, but you do not have to fret each time it gets a little darker than you expect it to be. For every single thorn, try to count ten roses. Sometimes, you may even write down all the lucky things that happen to you daily. It will help you see how blessed you are.

The last step to being lucky is to loosen up. When you are so hooked up on achieving something, you tend to narrow your mind and your vision to the point that the only remaining thing that you see is your goal. Without you knowing, you will have your entire life revolving around it. It will eat you up, consume you like fire, and may even drive you crazy. What you need to do is to relax and unwind. When you try to loosen up a bit, you will be able to widen out your mindset and be able to see a lot more opportunities than you think possible.

Luck is within your grasp. It is there in you, waiting to be awakened. You don’t need any spell to make it come alive. You just need some techniques, and you will be able to invite luck to your side.

Wendy Betterini is a lifestyle and fitness coach in the Pacific Northwest specializing in helping busy moms juggle work, family and wellness. Her interests include running, organic gardening, and writing. She is the mother of three small boys that keep her on her toes!

Goal Setting for Success

Are you trying to carry out goal setting and found it to be quite difficult? Well, you’re not alone with your dilemma. In fact, a lot of individuals are overwhelmed by their goals that need to be set. Oftentimes, the goals are not even realized and accomplished.

Every individual dedicate countless hours just thinking of the present and future conditions of their life. Change is something that almost every person desires, especially if it’s for the better, whether it’s for a relationship, family, friendship, finances, and many more. The first step in doing just that is to set your goal and for most people setting goals is not as difficult as following them.

There are also people who find it really hard to set their goals right. Perhaps you’ve already attended countless New Year’s parties. For the most part, people talk about their resolutions for the coming year. In fact, almost every guest is talking about it. But every year, the resolutions are the same and don’t change. So it only means one thing, the resolutions were not carried out.

What holds these individuals back? You must be aware that motivation and goal-setting go together. The journey is known as your goal and to get there you need fuel, which is motivation. You may have a lot of fuel, but do you have a goal? Or you have many goals, and yet you lack fuel? There’s probably more than just fuel and goals, so what you need is the right goal-setting techniques.

With the right techniques, you can greatly improve self-confidence, increase motivation, and achieve more. If there are certain things and attitudes that cause you unhappiness, you can eliminate them through goal-setting. You can also improve your performance at work and life in general. Through your achievements, you increase your satisfaction and pride.

Follow these successful goal-setting techniques and you can effectively set all your desired goals in not time.

– Your goals should be your own and not someone else’s
– Decide on the important things that you need to accomplish and based on it, make your options
– Don’t forget to motivate yourself because this is one way to accomplish your goal
– Build self-confidence according to your measured goal attainment
– Focus only on the right things and separate significant forms from unrelated ones

By following these techniques, you can focus and concentrate better. All in all, you will be more satisfied and happier. You can show extra self-confidence like never before and perform in different areas of your life better. People who carry out effective goal-setting techniques barely suffer from anxiety and stress.

Accomplishing a goal is a great achievement, so always take time to enjoy the feeling of satisfaction. This will also serve as your fuel to your other goals that haven’t been achieved just yet. Goal accomplishments have certain implications in your life and you must absorb them and observe your personal growth. Appropriately, you must be able to reward yourself especially if the goal achieved is quite important.

Goal setting can easily go wrong. When this happens, it can really get upsetting and can even damage your self-esteem. This may be one of the reasons why many people are hesitant to set their new goals. But through the goal-setting techniques provided, you can set your new goals correctly and make sure that they are carried out and achieved.

Wendy Betterini is a lifestyle and fitness coach in the Pacific Northwest specializing in helping busy moms juggle work, family and wellness. Her interests include running, organic gardening, and writing. She is the mother of three small boys that keep her on her toes!

Make goals believable and achievable

Today, goal setting is what it’s all about. Whether you are running a company or going through your daily activities, you need to set goals in order to fully satisfy your everyday needs. However, many people tend to fail achieving their personal development goals because they always tend to set impossible goals. Other people fail because they set goals that are too easy to achieve and they feel less motivated that results in not working to achieve their goals at all.

So, just how do you set achievable and believable goals? First of all, there are two kinds of goals you have to set. The first kind of goal you have to set is a long term goal. Long term goals are goals that you have to achieve in a long term basis, such as setting a goal that you need to achieve after a few months or a few years. The second kind of goal is called the short term goal. This goal can be anything from monthly goals or even daily goals.

It is important that you should know how to set your personal goals in order for you to achieve it. It is important that you know about the five conditions that you need to include when setting your goals. These conditions are essential and these conditions will be the one that will be responsible in letting you achieve your goals.

The first condition when setting a goal is that it must be believable.  The goal you set should be personal and you yourself should believe in it. It doesn’t matter what anyone says about your goal, what matters is that you believe that you can achieve your goals. Always remember that unless you believe that you can achieve your goals, you won’t.

The second condition in goal setting is that your goals should be defined and should be clear. If you keep changing goals and you don’t know what goals you want to achieve, then you’ll end up not achieving anything at all. Your goals should also be very specific. For example, if you thought that you want to increase lose weight substantially, you have to specify how much weight you have to lose. Don’t just say that you will lose weight, set a specific goal. For example, tell yourself that you are going to lose 20 lbs by January 31. As you can see, it is specific and it is clearly defined.

The third condition in goal setting is that your goals should be desired. Don’t just say that you think you want it but say that you really and definitely want it. If you want something so much that it eats you up whenever you think about it, then setting it as a goal will let you get it. However, always remember that you should always set believable goals.

The fourth condition in goal setting is that it should be vividly imagined. Now that you have a goal, think about possessing it and achieving it. In losing weight, try taking pictures of the clothes you want to wear and imagine yourself wearing it. If you like what you see then you will be motivated to do this.

The fifth condition in goal setting and perhaps one of the most important is that all your short term and long term goals should be put into writing. By writing down all your goals and post it in your fridge, you will always be motivated to achieve it every time you go to the kitchen and have breakfast.

These are the five things you have to remember in order to set achievable and believable goals. Remember this and you can be sure that the chances of achieving your goals will increase.

Wendy Betterini is a lifestyle and fitness coach in the Pacific Northwest specializing in helping busy moms juggle work, family and wellness. Her interests include running, organic gardening, and writing. She is the mother of three small boys that keep her on her toes!

How to get clear on what you want

Certain people, places and things can overwhelm you. It can divert your current emotional and thinking state into something else which will make you crazy.

Those three can sway your decisions. It can even cause you to make abrupt changes without careful planning.

Without a goal, you are most likely to be swayed by people, places and things to circumstances which you are not prepared to undertake. With this regard, it is important to set goals in order for you to get clear on what you really want.

Define your goals.

The primary consideration you need to undertake is to define your goal. Generally, there are two types of goals: (1) Short-term goals; and (2) Long-term goals. Short-term goals are undertakings you wish to complete in the coming days until up to a few months. For example, you wish to finish a project at work within three weeks. On the other hand, completing post graduate studies in five years is an example of a long-term goal. The said goals are achievable in period longer than your short-term goals, usually more than a year or so.

Specify your goals.

After you have defined both your short and long term goals, specifying your goals is the next step to undertake. Goals come in broad category in one’s life since life has different facets. You may want to look at the following categories to help you with goal specification:

1. Physical – this entails the outer you. At the moment, are there things you need to do in order for you to feel and look good? Do you need to enroll in an exercise program or follow a certain diet?
2. Emotions – this pertains to your sentiments and moods. Are you, in general a happy or worried person? Are there things in your mood behavior which needs modification?
3. Family – this involves your own family or having a family in the future. Ask yourself if there are still things you need to accomplish to help your parents and siblings. Alternatively, mull over if you are now ready to become a parent.
4. Education – this pertains to the type and level of education you aspire. Does having a bachelor’s degree make you content and help you prosper? Are there any specific skills or information you need to gather in order for you to obtain your goals?
5. Career – this involves certain things that are all about employment. Do you want to be employed in a company or you want to establish your own business? What age do you plan to retire?
6. Finances – this entails identifying where you will obtain your money and the amount of money you need to get. Are you financially satisfied with your present work? How much money do you need in a particular stage in your life?
7. Social Life – this involves your life outside your home and workplace. Determine the things that can make you relieved from stress and anxiety.

Materialize your goals.

Materialization of goals varies from one purpose to the other. It is best to write your goals in a journal that will serve as a reminder to you. However, do not let your goals be stagnated in your journal. Gradually, work on it. It is recommended that you review your goals according to the present situation of your life.

Wendy Betterini is a lifestyle and fitness coach in the Pacific Northwest specializing in helping busy moms juggle work, family and wellness. Her interests include running, organic gardening, and writing. She is the mother of three small boys that keep her on her toes!